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There are so many magic weapons they can't fit in one post. here is the link to the earlier part.

Specific weapons

+1 weapons are here for reference

Slaying Arrow - +1 arrow - CL13 - Keyed to creature type. F20 or 50 damage (undead/constructs not immune). Well, that's a lot of damage, and a good save. They make an outstanding low level consumable.

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Welp, still going with this apparently. Usual system still going for magic weapons. Because it's more relevant than other forms of magical items, I'm including the caster level for all magic weapons and the price.

Special Qualities

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Continuation blah blah.


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Continuation of magic item compendium, on page 4 after discovering that apparently neck took up most of a page by itself.

Amazing Great Reasonable Rubbish


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Continuation of magical item compendium. Part 1 does Belts, Body, Chest, Eyes and Feet. Part 2 does Hands, Head and Headband. I'm using an expanded version of my system with Best in Class, Great okay boring.

Apparently there are so many neck items they get a page of their own.



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Since apparently there's a post size limit, I'm continuing this here. Same system of Top o' the class Great Okay uninspiring.


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Welp, it's been a while since I've been on me old forums, and since I'm not running anything here at the moment, might as well keep using it as a kind of blog thing. Even if it's kind of for my own reference.

This time, I'm going to go through the various magic item slots, as currently listed on the archives of nethys, particularly the lesser used ones, and take note of what's good. I'll use my standard system of Great okay boring, with an additional Best in class.


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Back again after some time to put some notes together on the Paladin.

The paladin is certainly one of the most powerful classes around, having both potent single target damage and incredible defences, and it works well with nearly every fighting style. You don't even need to invest strongly into damage feats like power attack, since Smite can easily prove to be just as valuable.

But, let's start from the beginning:

Recommended Ability Scores
Primarily, you're a martial character, so picking what you need for your fighting style...

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For reasons I am completely bamboozled by, several of the people I play with regularly have expressed bewilderment at how the kineticist works. I feel like this is probably one of the simplest classes in the game to grasp, so apparently I need to write a guide for them. Or, I suppose, anyone who randomly wanders in to the forum.

The Beginning

Let's start at the beginning, level 1.

There are two primary ability scores for the kineticist: Dexterity and Constitution. Despite what...

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Well, as the last of the actually not sort of immediately broken hybrid classes, I'm putting some thoughts together on the Warpriest, a hybrid of Fighter and Cleric. Yeesh, this is a crowded spot though. Considering that clerics are already kind of intended to be the warrior priests in church already, and beyond that there are also Paladins and Inquisitors, I really don't know how this is supposed to fill any useful character concept niche. But here we go, starting with the basics:


HD, BAB, Saves and Skills: Come out on top with saves, taking...

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Time for another thought compilation, this time focusing on the Gunslinger. It's interesting to have firearms in fantasy from time to time, so for your benefit and mine, here are some compilations on the rules for guns


For the most part, if guns are around and an option, you are using Emerging Firearms. That is, Firearms are exotic weapons, expensive and hard to find. There are also options for making them more common, making them common (and they're martial) or everywhere (and simple).

Early firearms are what...

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Well, in a fairly rapid continuation in this series, now I'm looking at the Skald, another probably too strong class from the notoriously dreadful Advanced Class Guide. This is maybe one of the better balanced classes, a cross between Bard and Barbarian, but we'll see.


Always good to start at the beginning.

BAB, HD, Skills and Saves: You've got bard class skills (but barbarian ranks), bard HD and BAB, and a hybrid of Fort and Will as good saves (Barbarian has Fort, Bard has Ref and Will). Seems fine as the hybrid.


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Well, continuing my exploration of the hybrid classes from the atrocious Advanced Class Guide, I think I'll approach another of the not quite so immediately noxious ones: the Hunter. This is an interesting one to compare, since it combines a fairly competent Martial and a fairly competent caster.


HD, Skills, BAB, Saves: You get the druid BAB and HD, but ranger saves. Seems fair enough. You basically also get ranger skills, which seems fair thus far.

Proficiencies: You've got ranger proficiencies, which is to say, martial weapons...

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Okay, this is something a little different: one of the hybrid classes. I personally despise them, because they look, at first glance, very, very strong compared to the other things. The big offenders are really Arcanist (which basically makes Wizard/sorcerer Obsolete), the Brawler (which is such a stupidly good dip no martial is ever going to not take it) Bloodrager (which makes barbarian obsolete). The whole book they first appear in is riddled with errors and seems poorly done (So much so that they even stuffed up the title page!), so I feel mostly justified. But, then again, maybe...

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Been a while since I've done a little guide like this, and so I thought it was time to do another when I realised I didn't know much about the Magus. I haven't yet finished the Oracle one I was doing because I accidentally closed the window I was doing it in after a few hours work and got frustrated, but I'll finish that up soon, hopefully.


BAB 3/4 and d8 HD: Would be nice if these were a little better, since you're going to be a melee frontliner, but there you go.

Skills: You don't get many...

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Something I'd been thinking of for a little while is trying to introduce a 'magic' ability score, but I haven't quite ironed out how I think it would work best, so I'm just going to jot down some of my thoughts here. It would be great if you could add to them or give some kind of feedback.

Your Magic score functions just like all of your other ability scores; it starts at 10 by default, and you have a magic modifier that applies to various skill checks, ability checks and when you use magic. Primarily, you add your modifier to:

  • Use magic device checks
  • Caster...

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I've done rather a lot of class musings now in quite a lot of depth, so I thought I'd make it slightly easier on myself and just do something which I've already done a fairly big chunk of in another one: The Oracle. You should check the spell list for the cleric included here somewhere.


Skills, Saves, Proficiencies and BAB: Good will, medium BAB, 4 skills ranks/level and potentially a good selection of class skills. Proficiencies are basic, so you'll...

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The vigilante is a very new class, but it's now on the d20pfsrd. If you're unaware, basically you have a secret identity. You get lots of social bonuses when you're in your secret identity and lots of combat bonuses when you're in your vigilante identity.
The class obviously favours an intrigue centric game, which is fine by me. It's fun to have that. In more conventional ones it's a very poor choice.
So without further ado, the Vigilante!


Skills, Saves and attacks: Unsurprisingly for an intrigue character, you have lots of...

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I'm just realising that I know next to nothing about the cleric. Or at least, what their various options are. I think it's time to fix that and gather my thoughts.

My first impression is that it is almost a staggeringly boring class. More so than even the wizard. You get... channel energy. And a total of 4 usually unexciting abilities that are totally done with by level 8 at the latest. That's it. I seriously have no idea why you wouldn't just multiclass if you can keep your spell progression just so you're not stupidly boring. But we'll see.

The Basics:

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Continuing my timewasting efforts, I'm going to move onto the rogue.

There are a couple of things I'd like to say first up. The rogue suffers an awful lot from stereotyping. The idea that you need a rogue in your party is utter nonsense. It's classic, but those are also the days when everything but the stuff you carried was trapped. Or for that matter, when skills didn't really exist and so 'being able to get past all those horrible traps' wasn't so much of a thing. The whole 'rogue is sneaky and treacherous and greedy' thing is something I despise with a passion, too, particularly...

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Continuing the long and extended series of public notes for myself, here we have the Monk.

Comparison of Chained and Unchained

There's often the slightly odd complaint that unchained monk is actually weaker than chained. This is, of course, because Unchained *technically* can't take any archetypes because the manifold abilities become options instead. It's a simple matter to just look up when the appropriate ability would come along for the archetype and simply swap the ki power out there for the archetype's ability, so I'm not totally sure...

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To properly gauge what a class can do, sometimes you need to look through all its stuff and pick out the fun bits. This is as much a thought gathering place for me, and maybe a useful reference for other people.

Today, I'm going to look at the barbarian, both chained and unchained.

The main difference between the chained an unchained barbarian is how rage works. They both have their pros and cons. The Chained gives a morale bonus to strength and constitution, while the Unchained gives an untyped bonus to melee attack and damage rolls and also...

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I was going to do a big examination of the Mesmerist spell list, but then I thought: This is actually quite a nifty class, and there (currently) aren't that many options to do. So why not make it more of a guide? So here we are.

We'll start with basic class features:

Attacks and defences: You're very much like a rogue for the purposes of attacking. Middle attack bonuses, simple weapons and light armour. You have a good will save as well, which is nice.

Skills: You get lots, which is always nice for a character that likes charisma. Bluff is an especially good...

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Want to know what spells are really good for the Psychic? Take a look at this list.
The psychic's quite a new class, so it doesn't necessarily have all the spells. Notably they didn't include any of the player's companions in the original spell list, so their selection is comparatively limited, but this will change with time. I might have overlooked some spells, but just keep these in mind.

If you are unaware, Psychic magic doesn't use verbal or somatic components. Instead, they use thought and emotion components. Yes, this means all their spells are stilled and silenced. However, they're subject to some limitations as well. Emotion components require a certain...

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Want to know what spells are really good for the sorcerer/wizard? Take a look at this list.
For both my own reference and ultimately yours as well, I'm going to go through a lot of the spells around in the sorcerer/wizard spell list and pick out the choice ones. I'll give an explanation as to why they're so good as well.

0th level spells:

Detect Magic: It's a magic based game, largely. Of course you take it.
Read magic: As above. It's not strictly necessary, but it literally saves you an hour every time you use it.
Prestidigitation: Does basically all the minor stuff you want. Heat food, wash the dishes, make tiny things, you name it.

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There's a certain appeal in taking dumping an ability score you don't need in order to maximise another one. Particularly in the early game where having an extra +1 on AC, or to hit, or DCs and so on can really be the difference between being regularly effective and dead. Often, the actual downsides aren't played up enough though. At best, the main thing that happens is there's a monster that targets your dump stat and you're out of it for a while. So, the point of this post is to extrapolate from some actual rules to what is actually the case when you have a dump stat.

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While traditionally the paladin has been a model of what is good and honourable, there's a lot of room for expanding that slightly. The concept of the paladin, taking it in a broader light, is almost like that of a holy (or unholy) knight, devoted to a cause.

"Yes, but isn't that what the Cavalier does?" I hear you say. Well, that's true, but they are very much less holy warriors and more just knights. Of course, they might well call themselves paladins if they are devoted to a religious order, or even be confused with them, but they do not perhaps have the same degree of faith, or training,...

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For a high magic game, Pathfinder actually does a terrible job of defining how magic works, or even some basic principles of it. Taking a look through detect magic, I realised that spell is the only place where lingering auras of magic are actually mentioned, and it has loads of holes in it. There are even some things that I'd think would be fairly basic that aren't even touched on, anywhere. So, in this post, I'm going to rectify some of these problems.

Locations and sizes of magical auras:

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This post continues the theme I built on last time of major cultures.

Gwawl - Lord of Growth and Fertility
Faction - Tophats
Favoured Weapon - Mattock
Moon - The Arbour
Orbit - Circular and even, 1 year orbit.
Domains - Animal, Artifice, Plant, Community, Charm

Gwawl is another of the old members of the council. Traditionally his domain covered the growth and fertility of plants and animals,...

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Last time in the Lunatis setting, I did an overview. This time I'll start a mini-series on some cultures and their geography.

Solon - Lord of Heat and Light
Faction - Goldcapes
Favoured Weapon - Flamberge (Functions as a Greatsword)
Moon - The Sun
Orbit - Semi-erratic, Elliptical
Domains - Law, Fire, Sun, Nobility

Solon is one of the oldest and most influential of the Lunar Council. A popular...

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While Golarion is handy because it's just all there, frankly I think it's a stupid setting. It just tries to do too much. I could just use some other setting, but I think I'm just about as inclined to just start from scratch and do something of my own.
There was something I had in mind a long while back, so now's probably a good time to solidify things. This is going to be part 1 of a probably long series of posts to cover this setting.

This universe is small. Tiny, by most universal standards. Small enough that it would be feasible to travel from one end to the other using conventional...

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Something that might be cool would be a readily usable adaptation of the Pathfinder rules to fit Thedas. That is, the setting for Dragon Age. It's big and relatively detailed, and it would be better explained by playing through the numerous games.

As some basic initial tweaks:

Thedas is a fairly low-magic world. Martial classes are much more common, but alchemy plays a major part (especially in Inquisition). Some classes with spell-like abilities such as Rogues with magic talents can still take the abilities, but they function as Alchemist Extracts.

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Just a little notepad for a campaign idea that's sprung up and I feel I like the flavour of.

The Setting:
Ancient Greece/Rome. Maybe a few other Mythologies creeping in. Much like the Odyssey, you're trying to get somewhere or do something, but disaster after disaster befalls the party. Some of it might even be your fault.

Mechanical things:
I'll use Pathfinder probably because that's what I'm familiar with. But, there...

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