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Magic item compendium part 7: Specific Magic Weapons

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Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer

There are so many magic weapons they can't fit in one post. here is the link to the earlier part.

Specific weapons

+1 weapons are here for reference

Slaying Arrow - +1 arrow - CL13 - Keyed to creature type. F20 or 50 damage (undead/constructs not immune). Well, that's a lot of damage, and a good save. They make an outstanding low level consumable.

Effortless lace - Weapon Add-on - CL15 - Attach to 1H P or S weapon, reduce penalty for too big by 2 (min 0), if right size for you, it turns into a light weapon. This should probably just be a flat cost special ability, or a wondrous item. Although it's probably like this so it's super hard to make.

Alchemist's Aspergillum - +1 battle aspergillum - CL3 - Can use various alchemical damage items as if they were holy water, and alchemists add int mod to uses before refilling. Yay, it's a glorified club with +1 energy damage.

Arrow of charming - +3 arrow - CL8 - Nonlethal damage. Charm monster DC16. Can write someone else's name on it so they're the one in charge instead. I'm entertained by this being cupid's arrow enough to make this okay.

Blightburn arrow - +2 arrow - CL7 - +3d6 fire on hit, 2d6 fire for 6 rounds or until removed as move. Taking ongoing damage also does low radiation damage and needs DC13 CL check to teleport. Too easy to take out, really, otherwise it'd be a little more intimidating.

Everbloom's Rose - +1 morningstar - CL3 - 1/day remove fear. Save vs fear and +1 morale attack/damage 1 round vs the source. I suppose remove fear is nice, if you're going for a +1 morningstar anyway. It's probably the best 1H simple weapon. If it's remove fear you're after, see below.

Carouser's Retort - +1 rapier - CL3 - 1/day remove fear, which happens on you automatically if you're frightened or panicked. 1/day turn water into beer. Stuff that automatically removes harmful conditions is pretty nice. I'd get this over a basic rapier

Fate Blade +1 mithral dagger - CL3 - At will disrupt undead. Actually relatively cheap, all things considered. Disrupt undead isn't bad to have available, either.

Conflagration Pike - +1 Ranseur - CL3 - 1/day immediate after attack 2d6 fire target and 1d6 you. Urgh, it's like vorpal but 1/day.

Fiends Relief - +1 Longspear - CL7 - Flanking bonus is +3 when flanking w. evil outsider, ignore cover from evil outsider allies. This is probably actually great for summoners who can easily do this, but too difficult to bother with mostly for anyone else. Not bad though.

Tidewater Cutlass - +1 Cutlass (i.e. Scimitar) - CL3 - 1/day hydraulic push. Urgh, it's not even a good spell. Except aboard ship, I guess.

Greater Burrowing Bullet - +1 firearm bullet - CL3 - stagger 1d3+2 rounds or until removed as standard w. DC 20 heal check. It's a no save stagger for at least 3 rounds, which is incredibly brutal against a number of things. Its lesser cousin is half the price for just 1d3 rounds, which is statistically as good except on action economy, but better in that you might not need the extra time from this.

Stake of the righteous - +1 silver stake - CL9 - When through vampire's heart, constant hallow (you can put a spell effect on that), DC14 charisma to remove if not your alignment. This is kind of interesting in that it's got potential to be a really cheap hallow you can move around. However, that's also just asking for trouble. And tough to manage anyway. Still merits its okay status for its cheese potential.

Grasping Bolas - +1 bolas - CL3 - 1/day ranged trip that ignores size modifiers to CMD and entangles as well as trips 1 round. It's a niche weapon, but it's a nice add on if you're using them.

Enduring Bloom - +1 Morningstar - CL3 - 1/day when below 0 casts cure light wounds at start of turn. Well, morningstars are the best 1H simple weapons, so basically everyone can use them, and anything that stops you dying is good. Recommend for anyone who "Needs a weapon" but doesn't really want to use it.

Kinbonded Bow - +1 Longbow - CL3 - Can attune to 1 ally at a time so they don't provide soft cover. If you possibly can, ask your GM about making this a composite longbow so it's actually useful, and more than that, a must buy. You're always going to have a barbarian or something up close. It's merely okay as is, since composite makes enough of a difference you probably don't want this except circumstantially.

Spear of Manhunting - +1 resizing boar spear - CL3 - 1/day on crit, immediate hold person (w13). Actually incredibly cheap for the effect. Shame the effect is both largely unnecessary and the hold person will probably never ever turn out.

Bloodlight - +1 greatsword - CL3 - 1/day rage on self, sheds light as torch while active and on hit. Urgh, it's 3 rounds, with a standard activation. At least you can concentrate, so it's ready for a battle? It's mildly okay, just.

Greater Boulder Bullet - +3 sling bullet - CL18 - Counts as siege weapon. Base damage is 8d6. This is actually disgusting for ranged vital strike. It is basically a +10 bullet though, so you should only keep it for an extra special occasion.

Greater Slaying Arrow - +1 Arrow - CL13 - Keyed to creature type. F23 or 100 damage. Welp, that'll kill stuff. A worthwhile expenditure at even fairly moderate levels.

Lashing Aklys - +1 aklys - CL5 - +2 trip, trip 2 sizes larger than you. It's a light club on a rope, for those like me had no idea what these are. Odd choice of weapon, but reasonable nonetheless. Not that I'd pick it just for this.

Boarding pike of repelling - +1 boarding pike (i.e. longspear) - CL5 -1/day swift 20 ft. reach 1 round (but like reach weapons, don't threaten anything closer than that. Comic, and possibly useful?

Lance of jousting - +1 lance - CL5 - Damage mounted foe to force DC 10 + damage ride check or fall off. Seems pretty circumstantial, but effective, knowing lances.

Ranseur of the Gargoyle - +1 ranseur - CL5 - disarm quality gives +4 instead of +2, 5/day swift +2 nat AC. Interesting combo. The disarm is probably why you picked this over something slightly more damaging, so it does that well. It's quite useable nonetheless, although will eventually lose the utility of the AC boost.

Wizard Hook - +1 hook hand - CL6 - Still works with casting spells with somatic components for arcane casters, spellstrike with hook hand for non-magi or deliver normally for +4 to hit and +1 DC. The only disadvantage is the part where you lose your hand, because this is amazing.

Forgefather's Sledge - +1 warhammer - CL3 - fire resistance 1, turns into blacksmith hammer, put in fire for minute to make it do +1 fire on hit for 1d4 minutes. Yurk, this is dreadful.

Barracuda's Bite - +1 trident - CL6 - 3/day swift reach increase by 10 ft. for 1 attack. Tridents are kind of strange weapons, being perhaps most notably the only 1H weapon with brace and okay for throwing. This is probably largely only useful as a step up to the fighter's fork.

Shatterspike - +1 Longsword - CL13 - +4 longsword when sundering weapons, can "damage" +4 or worse weapons. By which I assume bypasses hardness. As usual with this kind of thing, an actual sunderer is going to want adamantine, and you're most of the way to a +1 adamantine whatever by the time you've got this.

Grafting Blade - +1 spring blade (basically dagger) - CL3 - attach it to a stick to make it a spear/siangham/shortspear, depending on stick length. I suppose it's rather easier to hide than bringing an actual spear in, but you could just add shrinking to what you want for cheaper.

Secret Crossbow - +1 hand crossbow - +5 to conceal it, can be drawn as normal when concealed. I'm sure this is probably useful for something, but I'm not sure what. It's a fairly rare ability though, so calling it okay

Black Alibi - +1 short sword - CL5 - 5/day move make obscuring veil 10 minutes, 1/day swift erase your memories of your next minute of stuff. An assassin item, I guess. Can't see a whole lot of use for it. Other than maybe a creepy evil sentient item.

Perfectionist Shavtoosh - Special/+1 whip - CL3 - Can "wear" it for improved unarmed strike, 1/day cure light wounds/know the enemy. This is, kind of strangely, a very good item, mostly because it's slotless improved unarmed strike. It's maybe not as cheap as a spiked gauntlet nor as damaging as a sap, but it does have the advantage of just being around and ready to go without needing to draw anything. I'd grab it as a higher level martial looking for something to spend a bit of money on.

Stirge Dart - +1 dancing dart - CL15 - Actives dancing on throw, 1 con damage on hit instead of normal, consumed on use. Seems expensive, but I suppose as always if you throw enough money at a problem...

Oblivating Flail - +1 heavy flail - CL3 - lesser confusion on hit (w11), but also hits you with same effect if successful (no save). 1d4 temp hp on coup de grace. There's an argument for guaranteed success, although it's equally arguable that's not a good thing. I think this is either terrible or okay.

Biting Bracelet - +1 glamered heavy wrist launcher - CL10 - only looks like a gold bracelet and can turn back after only a round. Another assassin item, so probably not that useful for PCs usually.

Nimble Whip - +1 scorpion whip - CL3 - steal as swift on crit. Boring but functional.

Quarterstaff of entwined serpents - +1 quarterstaff - CL3 - At will magic missile, free eschew materials. It's not particularly remarkable, but eschew materials is unusual enough to make it interesting.

Brinya's Love - +1 dagger - CL7 - 1/day ghost touch 1 minute, during which time also daylight and +3 vs disarm/sunder. Basically garbage.

Judicial Hammer - +1 earthbreaker - CL4 - 1/day W13 or reveal whether guilty or innocent of a given crime. Blargh.

Blade of Three Fancies - +1 Glaive - CL3 - +4 sacred perform (even when not held), 1/day colour spray. Hi Shelyn! Sacred bonuses to skills are pretty rare, so completely worth having if you're a bard. Not sure anyone else would get any benefit from it.

Smuggler's sling - +1 sling - CL5 - +5 conceal it, 5/day swift reload. At least it comes with some built in capability for full attacks. Still wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Cestus of Security - +1 cestus - CL1 - Cestus with built in weapon cord and locked gauntlet. Okay, sure, you can't have a locked gauntlet and a cestus, but do you really want to pay 3k extra for it? Didn't think so.

Axe of the Imperative - +1 battleaxe - CL9 - Immediate on hit give a command; failure to comply results in damage as if from a crit (F15 negates). Hah, that's funny. Save's rubbish of course, but it's pretty easy to activate.

Runechill Hatchet - +1 Battleaxe/Greataxe - CL5 - Greataxe for small characters, battleaxe for medium. 1/day free action +1d6 negative on hit for 5 rounds, take damage from neg for F12 1 strength damage. Frightens undead maybe. Okay: damage doesn't last long but nothing much resists it.

Dawnfire - +1 Scimitar - CL3 - 1/day spell combat as magus, spell is a CL3 burning hands. Kind of expensive perhaps, but at least it's action efficient.

Irradiating Tail - +1 Viridium long lash tail attachment - CL5 - Crit greenblood oil. Save's much too low to ever be relevant, considering you need a crit to make it work.

Nail of the Princess - +1 Scythe - CL9 - Store a Negative channel in it to deal +1d6 negative on hit as swift  (up to 5 uses with 5d6). Personally, I'd grab a grayflame weapon for 3k more for more useful usage.

Water Scorpion - +1 light crossbow - CL1 - No damage; fires holy water as touch attack. Only one attack/round, so this really is kind of useless, even where it should be okay. You can, technically, bottle the water and sell it though. Most of the novelty is in that it's a water pistol.

Machete of clearing - +1 short sword - CL3 - 1/day defoliate in 10ft. radius or 60ft. line. Bleh, but fun for the taste.

Bloatstrike tail - +1 pounder tail attachment - CL3 - 3/day on hit F11 or target grows a size without any of the advantages. Save is utter garbage.

Whispering Strike - +1 Wakizashi - CL5 - 1/day shield other, has secret compartment in hilt. Interesting. Not particularly good, but interesting.

Bonespur Dagger - +1 punching dagger - CL6 - on crit F15 or -2 strength 1 minute; multiple hits stack penalty to +6, bypass skeleton DR. Now, if it was a better crit range, maybe. Not a x3 though.

Bloodletting Kukri - +1 kukri - CL5 - +2 bleed on crit, stacks with other bleed, gain temp hp when you start something bleeding. Kind of wants the wounding ability as well. Nice weapon for a crit effect, too.

Everbloom Thorn - +1 morningstar - CL10 - Can disguise itself as a nonmagical pendant. 1/day as part of initiative turn pendant into weapon, gain cha to initiative (min +1). It's one of the best 1H simple weapons, so might like this as a sorcerer or oracle. You know, if you're investing in a magic weapon.

Inheritor's Light - +1 longsword - CL3 - healing magic heals +1/dice on you, up to normal maximum, 1/day inheritor's smite. Excellent paladin weapon, but beyond that, inheritor's smite is a great spell.

Boulderhead mace - +1 heavy mace - CL9 - 1/day make large boulder, deals 3d8+5 damage (r19 half) in 60ft. line, makes difficult terrain at end. Unusable as a weapon 1 day afterwards. Hey, the DC's alright, surprisingly. Still, it's a weapon you use because it's in the loot and not buy.

Traitorous Blaster - +1 double-barrelled Pistol - CL3 - when flanked fire both barrels to target both flankers (and only take -2 attack instead of -4 for firing both barrels). Of course, the thing where this is bad is the part where you're a ranged character and don't want to be anywhere close to being flanked.

Natron Fang - +1 khopesh - CL5 - ignore mummy DR, 1/day 1d6 cha damage to incorporeal undead (W13 half) on hit. Good luck finding someone proficient in this. Still, it's at least half cha damage.

Beaststrike club - +1 club - CL6 - Wield it as a natural attack type, counts as a weapon of that type for effects &c. Spend wildshape to increase damage dice. Problem is, it's still a club and useless.

Sacrificial Dagger - +1 Dagger - CL3 - 1/day Coup de grace for death knell (no save if they die). All you need to do is just actually finish off a creature rather than let it bleed out, and you've got a nice little boost.

Sharpshooter's Blade - Special Bayonet - CL10 - Takes the special qualities of the weapon it's attached to. Pity it's still a bayonet and they're fairly awful.

Fighter's Fork - +1 Trident - CL3 - Swift action toggle between 2H reach weapon and regular form. Pretty decent for reach weapon specialists, who do have problems with things getting close.

Swashbuckler's Rapier - +1 Rapier - CL7 - swift action spend panache for bane vs humanoid 1 round. Fairly reasonable, although a shame it's humanoids only.

Shooting Starknife - +1 starknife - CL5 - 1/day jump/colour spray. Welp, both of these are useless.

Everflowing Aspergillum - +1 battle aspergillum - CL5 - Doesn't run dry, full round throw holy water, counts as good for DR. Blergh, it's still just a glorified club.

Midsummer Sickle - +1 mithral spell storing sickle - CL12 - Only stores druid or air/fire/water/nature bond spells. Pro: Quite cheap for its price. Con: It's a sickle. Aaand the druid list isn't super hot. Still, take what you get. Seems okay. Quick look suggests poison and not much else.

Wanderer's Scarf - +1 Bladed Scarf - CL1 - Constant hide from undead, hide is broken for a day if broken at all, +1d6 vs undead. It's got its perks, but honestly ab undead bane weapon is just better.

[i]Hurricane Quarterstaff
- +1/+1 quarterstaff - CL3 - 1/day gust of wind (F13), spend ki to activate with DC 12+Wis. Thing is, a monk only needs one end. It's not a great effect, but it merits an okay at least for having a potentially reasonable DC.

+2 weapons are here for reference

Gauntlets of Rending - Hands - CL5 - +2 damage on claws, including rends, -4 dex checks involving hands. This shouldn't really be a weapon at all, but it's fairly nifty.

Dagger of Venom - +1 dagger - CL5 - 1/day poison (f14) on hit. Nyeh, save's rubbish.

Daggermark Blade - +1 dagger - CL10 - Study target for 3 rounds undetected or unrecognised as foe, all attacks are sneak attacks for 3 rounds vs that target. This merits special mention for the knife master rogue. Even so, just being able to do it reliably is great.

Buoyant Harpoon - +1 harpoon - CL5 - If grapples (i.e. on a crit), swift slow (DC14) and move to surface of water. That's not only a useless DC, but a low DC. Not even circumstantial.

Cave Dweller's Greataxe - +1 greataxe - CL11 - 1/day on hit slow (F16) and on fail next round also F16 or petrified 1d4 rounds. Fun effect, and the DC is... well, better than some. I still wouldn't go out of my way to get this.

Shadow Cleaver - +1 Shortsword - CL3 - ignore shadowy miss chance, such as from dim light, can still do precision damage if you can't see. Unchained removed that penalty, but the shadow miss chance isn't bad. Although I'd probably get a training weapon with blind fight instead.

Akitonian Blade - +1 Bill - CL9 - triple jump check result, ignore most 60ft. falls with DC15 acrobatics. Interesting. At least it's a good weapon, even if the rest of it is... questionable.

Leng Flail - +1 heavy flail - CL6 - At will spider climb. Wow, this is incredibly cheap for at will spider climb. This is a weapon you just get for the spell, 'cause this is nearly the same price as a +1 weapon and a wand of it (and even has double duration). There's also a greater version which is a +2 throwing heavy flail that does the spider climb and has DC19 confusion 1d4 rounds on a crit. I'm not totally sure why they gave it throwing, but there you go.

Rusting Teeth of the Rough Beast - +1 greataxe - CL3 - On hit, R14 or sickened as shard embeds in flesh and lasts until shard removed, remove shard is full-round that does damage. Sure, the save's rubbish, but things'll fail sooner or later, and sickened is one of the better debuffs that doesn't just wipe people out.

Wyvernsting - +1 light crossbow - CL9 -old 3.5 poison on all bolts, F15 1d4 Dex then (regardless of success) 1d4 Con. Hadn't realised just how awful 3.5 poisons were. Assuming a pathfinder update, that's maybe 4 rounds of 1d4 dex? I suppose it's okay with that kind of upgrade, considering it's on every shot, and it's the crossbow time that reloads quickly.

Shearing Sword - +1 greatsword - CL9 - 3/day standard ignore hardness/DR 5 or lower 1 minute. Obviously not for hardness because Adamantine exists. The activation is kind of a pain, but hey, sometimes its worth bypassing 5 DR as opposed to getting an extra +1 attack and damage. Although obviously drops off after about level 8ish as the DR gets high enough this has no effect.

Spear of the Watchful Guardian - +1 spear - CL5 - 1/day standard bypass one of B/S/cold iron/silver DR 5 minutes, +2 insight to perception, 1/day immediate retroactive +1 to attack roll. Fairly unimpressed.

Stirge Lance - +1 returning featherweight dart - CL7 - Reusable. Delivers poison or sucks blood then returns to you. It's kind of easy to spot, but still makes an useful scrying mechanism?

Gloom blade - +x shortsword - CL13 - +1 in dim, +2 in darkness, + blind fight in supernatural darkness, mwk only in normal light. Usually, you'll have to deal with normal light levels, so this is probably an NPC item.

Umbral Chain - +x spiked chain - CL13 - Identical to above.

Dagger of repose - +1 undead-bane dagger - CL8 - Coup de grace to stop creature coming back as undead for 1 day (or stops diseases/curses turning into undead). I don't really get the point of this; why not, you know, cure the disease/curse? Any self respecting necromancer's going to take a body with them if they really want the undead, anyway.

Impaler of Thorns - +1 Darkwood longspear - CL7 - 1/day curshing dispair (inc. radius, W16) on hit, target hit also nauseated 1 round (W16). Too little, not often enough, too low DC. I'd suggest the Rusting Teeth instead for a more reliable, equivalent effect (kind of)

Fist of the Pit - +1 spiked gauntlet - CL6 - 1/day spiked pit, pit spikes have weapon bonuses. Pits are interesting in that they're easy to push things in, but otherwise it's not especially remarkable. Nothing's going to actually fail that save, it'll all be things being pushed in. Not sure it's worth it in either case.

Final Word - +1 war razor - CL5 - +4 coup de grace DC, coup de grace'd enemies answer 4 of your questions (w. -4 to their bluff) and nothing can use speak with dead on them afterwards. Circumstantial, but I suppose a coup de grace speak with dead is as good a way to get info as any. Stopping them talking again later is  potentially okay, too.

Battlepot Cauldron - +1 heavy mace - CL8 - fill with potions to use them on the target on hit. I can't really see why you'd want to do this.

Stormstrike - +1 trident - CL8 - Changes between frost and shock depending on your whim. I suppose if you were tossing up between them? It's not a stunning weapon either way.

Silverfang - +1 undead bane mithral rapier - CL8 - +2 resistance vs neg energy/level drain, reroll saves to overcome neg levels, 1/day on crit swift halt undead (W14). Honestly mostly good because bonus stuff is basically free, considering the base weapon price, and it's kind of useful considering what else is around.

Diplomat's Travelling Stick - +1 sword cane - CL3 - +3 diplomacy, 1/day when drawing intimidate all in 30 ft. I like the flavour of this, and it's actually a reasonable way of intimidating for once.

Frostbite Sling - +1 frost sling - CL6 - 3/day in place of attack including cold damage, 1d6+6 nonlethal and fatigue on ranged touch. Also creates that ammo. Nice to be able to full attack more easily, and damage isn't actually that bad with that in mind.

Fang of Erebus - +1 shortspear - CL5 - range increment 30 ft., 1/day deeper darkness on throw, 1/day point to most valuable nearby object, determine total value of horde. Awful.

Glave-guisarme of the vanguard - +1 glaive-guisarme - CL8 - +3 weapon and +2d6 precision when braced against charge. Bills are better weapons, but hey, this still does its job nicely.

Reaper's Lantern - +1 heavy flail - CL5 - 1/day vampiric touch on hit as swift. F13 when reduce to 0 hp or die, for 24 hours after can use speak with dead on the weapon as if it was the creature. Frankly, you're better off with a spell storing weapon with vampiric touch; the rest of the stuff is kind of terrible.

Cutlass of Waves - +1 seaborne cutlass - CL6 - Constant slipsteam in water/on a ship. Circumstantial, but great in the water.

Snakebite Dagger - +1 living steel dagger - CL10 - Injury poison DC +2, 1/day W16 modify memory on hit. Modify memory has to be one of my favourite effects, and you can always add virulent and stuff to make this even more ridiculous.

Shrivelblade - +1 adamantine Swordbreaker Dagger - CL5 - 3/day on weapon sunder, permanently reduce weapon size 1 step (w14 for magic weapons). Well, this is an impressive choice for a sunder weapon, but I can't help but feel part of the point of sundering is actually destroy it. Not that I've ever seen it used. Still, it's somewhat amusing.

Trident of Stability - +1 trident - CL3 - Also an immovable rod when you stand on it. Automatically braced against charges. Can stop a fall as immediate action. The auto-brace is really, really nice for free attacks against, well, basically everything that goes before you in melee.

Redlust's Daughter - +1 Flaming Falchion/kukri - CL10 - Can swap between forms. Lick blood of killed humanoid off blade as move to heal 1d4 hp. Kind of like the heal, but being flaming sucks. At least it's a decent weapon.

Pirate's Arm - +1 seaborne Greatclub - CL7 - +4 circumstance escape grapples. Greatclubs are terrible. Odd combination of abilities, too. Still, comic, even if that's all that's going for it.

Junkblade - +1 animal bane dogslicer - CL8 - Turns into junk and back. I suppose it's very cheap disguise, but it's also a not that great item anyway.

Master's Woe Stiletto - +1 living steel dagger - CL3 - 3/day on hit W13 or reduce #HD of controlled undead from all sources by 6 (min 1). Save's much too low to really bother with.

Trident of Warning - +2 trident - CL7 - At will locate aquatic predators in 680 ft., including what they are. use activated has never appealed to me especially, and this is circumstantial anyway.

Balor's Lash - +1 flaming whip - CL11 - +2d6 fire with Combat manoeuvre, regardless of success. Interesting, but fire damage isn't great. Neither, for that matter, are whips.

Cailean Fighting Tankard - +1 light hammer - CL10 - Can hold up to 6 different potions. Cool though this may be, it's probably not worth an extra 8k for ready potion access unless you can actually drink them quickly. Try a sipping jacket instead.

Assassin's dagger - +2 dagger - CL9 - Death attack DC +1. DCs are relatively low at early levels, so you'll be wanting to boost it as much as possible.

Dagger of Doubling - +1 dagger - CL5 - Splits into 2 as swift or free with quick draw. Nifty throwing weapon since it allows two weapon throwing fairly cheaply without investment in belt slots.

Deadly Kiss - +1 dagger - CL6 - Poison blade as swift. Efficient, if you have stacks of poisons.

En-nebi, Blade of the Leopard - +1 vicious punching dagger - CL9 - If you crit, you turn into a wereleopard (F15). Consult your GM about this, although it's an awful weapon for anything but turning into a wereleopard.

Lacerating Rapier - +1 rapier - CL5 - 3/day on sneak attack, hit adjacent creature (though they don't take sneak damage). Thing is, things that sneak attack tend not to do much damage without sneak attack, so hard to recommend this.

Serpent's Fang - +1 dagger - CL9 - Stores up to 5 poisons, releasable as swift onto blade. Yes, this is basically the same as Deadly Kiss, except it's not so good for adventurers and better for assassins. Kind of.

Courtesan's Ire - +1 fighting fan - CL5 - Looks like ordinary fan. 3/day cone of blades for 3d4 (r14 half), delivers poisons to things that take damage (although DCs drop by 2). It's nifty in that it's a fairlly decent AoE poison, although the DC drop might make it unusable.

Hammertail - +1 bolas - CL10 - +4 for trips, returns if you miss. I suppose it's okay, but bolas aren't exactly common weapons.

Hell's Eye - +1 flaming mace - CL10 - Scrying Focus. 1/day swift flaming is hellfire 1 minute (Half the damage bypasses fire resist/immunity: double damage vs good, nothing vs evil). The weapon itself is awful, but if you insist on a flaming light mace, this is okay for evil characters.

Rending Claw Blade - +1 keen claw blades - CL11 - hit with this and another claw for extra 1d4+1.5xStr. Catfolk only, but they're pretty sweet if you have the strength to back 'em up.

Signifier's Fist - +1 light mace - CL5 - 1/day standard bane against thing hit for 1 minute. Magus/Arcanist/warpriest can spend one of their points to do this as a move action. I'm calling this okay largely because it's a move action attack, which is actually kind of nice. Everyone else should skip it unless they somehow get it on a different weapon; maces are terrible.

Vindictive Harpoon - +1 returning Harpoon - CL9 - No range penalties underwater. I hadn't thought bout how good returning is on a grappling weapon. That aside, I guess it does its job cheaper than other things, so whoop de doo.

Heartspit - +1 giant bane longspear - Grapple on crit, 4d6 damage when grapple ends. Pity about it being giant bane and not something useful, but it's potentially an extra 4d6 damage every crit, which is pretty sweet by any reckoning. If you get one with a different bane type, it's great.

War Lance - +3 lance - CL8 - +2 shield bonus when mounted (you and your mount). Well, aside from everything else, this is a whopping 8k cheaper than other +3 weapons, which is probably indicative of a typo, but it's not core, so that's never going to be fixed. More realistically, in the likely case your GM says it's too cheap (because it is: should be either +2 or 20k-ish), it's, surprise surprise, only really good for Cavaliers or other mounted people.

Brine's Sting - +1 Rapier - CL8 - On hit F14 or -1 attack and damage 1 round. On Crit +3d6 to watery creatures. Yeesh, just get bane. Rusting Teeth is better and cheaper.

Force Net - +1 ghost touch net - CL13 - It traps ghosts and stops possessing things abandoning their bodies to get out. That's about all that needs to be said. Alright.

Grudge Blade - +1 rapier - CL9 - +1 damage each round you keep attacking the same creature (max +5). It's a budget and worse version of furyborn. Which, frankly, you should just save up and get, since it's every time you hit and accuracy as well.

Wavecutter - +1 keen terbujite (basically a longsword) - CL10 - Basically has seaborne, just is a lot cheaper than having that (also it didn't exist at the time). Circumstantial, but Excellent for underwater.

Cavalryman's Bow - +2 shortbow - CL8 - +2 deflection to mount when used. Yep, okay. Mostly I'd suggest the War lance, mostly due to the penalties for mounted archery.

Skyrocket Crossbow - +1 distance hand crossbow - CL6 - 3/day choice of blind 10ft. on hit 1d4+1 rounds (W13, success is still dazzled 1 min) or screaming bolt (see above). Turns out hand crossbows actually benefit from distance, so it's less bad than it looks. Not much less bad though.

Wendifisa Spear - +1 shortspear - CL11 - Die and turn into a juju zombie when below 0, or potentially give death knell effects to someone else instead of turning into a zombie. Single use special. Shortspears are terrible, and this effect really kind of is as well. Maybe a boss thing for a caster?

Loudshot pistol - +1 double barrelled pistol - CL3 - 3/day permanently deafen on hit (including pistol whip, F13 or F15 if firing both barrels). Urgh, low DC makes this terrible again.

Launcher of distrarction - +1 heavy wrist launcher - CL6 - 2/day swift silence the launcher and make it seem like it came from somewhere else. Also, all your auras seem to come from the same somewhere else 6 rounds.  Also, yes, it is spelt like that, apparently. Seems kind of okay?

Fuming Blood Sabre - +1 corrosive sawtooth sabre - CL12 - 1/day vanish. More expensive than it really needs to be, and it's a niche weapon at the best of times.

Swarmbow - +2 composite shortbow (Str+5) - CL5 - 1/day wasp swarm around target 1d4+2 rounds, doesn't move. I guess if you're going to have bad saves, you might as well make it possible to do it a few times. It's actually a worthwhile weapon, too.

Heartripper Blade - +1 dagger - CL10 - Coup de grace cuts out creature's heart, letting you either: Eat heart for remove disease+restoration+cure serious wounds; turn dagger into +2 flaming burst for 1 hour; divination or scrying. Yep, that's right. Just carve up yer rat and scarf down its beating bloody heart and remove those negative levels, or scry on your foes. This is just super good. Maybe less so for actual combat without preparation.

Pick of stonecleaving - +1 adamantine Heavy Pick - CL5 - +2d6 vs unattended objects. Mythic bypasses hardness and 4d6 instead. Unless you have mythic, this is just a more expensive, not quite as good, +1 breaking weapon, so get the base version instead.

Earthenflail - +1 heavy flail - CL13 - Ignores hardness <20, swift ignore earth/rock for attacks 1 turn. I can't think of any reason you'd do this instead of plain adamantine.

Swift obsidian Greataxe - +1 keen greataxe - CL10 - +10 speed charging, 1/day standard nearby allies +10 speed 1 round. Yeesh, that's terrible. The bonus doesn't stack with haste, either.

Axe of felling - +1 giant bane dwarven waraxe - CL10 - has trip feature, can trip larger foes. Giant bane isn't that hot, but at least it's not a terrible weapon. It'd be okay if it was a more common creature type.

Bow of Ashes - +1 adaptive flaming composite longbow - CL8 - Ignore concealment from fog/smoke/&c. so long as a bit of fire at least as big as a torch is around. It's not fabulous, especially being flaming, but it'll turn up enough to be relevant.

Trailblazor's Spade - +1/+1 monk's spade - CL3 - 5/day remove 10ft. square of naturally difficult terrain. Yep, it's a glorified quarterstaff. Next.

Vengeful kiss - +1 deadly whip - CL5 - extends to up to 50 ft. but can't attack while that long. 1/day invigorate. Leaving aside that no-one's proficient with whips, it's just an expensive grappling hook. Invigorate is terrible.

Goad of obedience - +1 ankus (aka bad longsword) - CL8 - +2 handle animal, 5/day on touch charm animal (W11), 1/day on hit immediate hold animal (W13). Saves are terrible, but possible they might work, since animals have bad will saves. Still not worth the effort though.

Peacekeeping Pistol - +1 merciful pistol - CL5 - On crit, daze 1 round (W12), spend 1 grit as swift for +4 DC. Not like you use grit for much else, despite it being unlikely you'll crit (at least it confirms).

Triple-stinging blade - +1 dagger - CL7 - On hit, CMB check for +1d4 damage. 1/day enhancement to +2. For something that doesn't do much, this is pretty expensive.

Tamer's Whip - +1 animal bane whip - CL8 - Lethal to animals/magical beasts regardless of Nat AC. Move action 1 round: +4 intimidate animals/magic beasts, +4 handle animal, +2 CMB vs animals/magic beasts. On theme and reasonable, although personally can't think of much reason to actually buy it.

Icicle wand - Mwk Dagger - CL5 - +1 cold on hit. Wand of icy spears. It's just a spikey wand. It's not a bad spell, but nothing to write home about.

Constrictor's Gauntlets - +1 gauntlets - CL10 - redundant +1 grapple. 1/day W16 or shrink armour 3 rounds (W16). No damage and bad save, with redundant bonus? Easy skip. Not even a good weapon.

Scorpion tail whip - +2 scorpion whip - CL6 - +2 initiative. Um, yes. That's it. Welp, not too bad, if boring.

Polarity Hammer - +1/+1 meteor hammer - CL8 - +2 drag/reposition vs metal wearing things, fortress mode is +3 shield vs metal wearing things. It's a cool weapon, but not sure this is particularly good.

Whisper and Shadow - +1 cold iron shortsword - CL10 - 2 weapons, sold separately. Free TWF if you use both. 3/day Whisper does Silence (CL10, DC20); 3/day Shadow invisibility/blade's invisible 1 round and might make things FF. Wow, that's actually a good DC on the silence. Like these.

Sinderbos - +1 flaming warhammer - CL? - Immediate on hit F14 -2 attack 1 round, worship Moloch to basically negate masterwork forging DC increase. Bleh.

Blade of Binding - +1 greatsword - CL3 - Can grapple on hit, turning the sword into chains. Super cool.

Gorum's Thorn - +1 Keen Greatsword - CL10 - Crit vs giant for free trip if you worship Gorum. Too circumstantial to really use.

Dancing Wasp - +1 kusirigama - CL7 - 1/day "concentrate" to summon a giant wasp, with full round initial activation, max 5 rounds. Unimpressive for more than 12k.

Shadowcraft Weapon - Special - CL10 - It's any weapon of a given type (such as ranged, 1H &c) which can change forms within type as standard. Minimum damage on hit if make a W15+2xenhancement. Yeesh, get transformative or greater transformative and don't have the downside.

Fugitive Finder - +1 human bane light crossbow - CL8 - +10 enhancement speed. Decent bane type, and fairly usable.

Nightpiercer - +1 ghost touch repeating heavy crossbow - CL9 - Halves incorporeal undead move speed 1 round on hit (min 5). Weapon type is a pain, but it's a reasonable effect for what it does.

Shifter's Sorrow - +1/+1 silver two-bladed sword - CL15 - +2d6 vs shapechangers, W15 or return to normal form. Kind of budget bane weapon. Not that it's especially remarkable beyond that.

Emberchill - +1 frost sickle - CL10 - Stores cold spells for counterspelling purposes only (still need normal counterspelling action). Bleh.

Deck of slivering fate - +1 limning Harrow Deck - CL7 - Needs deadly dealer. Doubles arcane strike damage. I like the feat, but not sure it's good enough to be worth it. Reasonable damage boost maybe?

Focused Shadowcraft weapon - Melee special - CL12 - As shadowcraft above, but +1 darkness/shadow DCs. Not good as a weapon, but has niche spellcaster use.

Dragoncatch Guisarme - +1 dragon bane guisarme - trip things with wings to make them plummet and entangle them. Potentially loads of damage, and dragon bane, while not stunning, is guaranteed to come up a few times.

Spine Flail - +2 Flail - CL4 - Has reach and can hit adjacent creatures. F15 on crit or permanently blind. Leaving aside which type of flail it is, this is pretty nifty just for practicality reasons as far as reach weapons go.

Korrigan Club - +1 thundering club - 1/day dancing so long as you have long hair. It's very cheap for this effect, and quite entertaining. Shame it's a club and not a weapon.

Shadde-Quah Spirit Bolas - +1 shoanti bolas (they do lethal damage) - +1d3 cold and +1d3 fire, 1/day aqueous orb. Interesting. Not particularly good, but interesting.

Greenblood Scorge - +2 corrosive whip - CL12 - Performance combat spend a victory point as swift for... indefinite duration, corrosive burst? Well, leaving aside performance combat never being used, it's cheap for the price and not bad. Except for being a whip, naturally.

Headsman's Blade - +1 keen greatsword - CL9 - Assassinate slayer talent 1/day (DC15). Slayers use it at +2 enhancement better vs studied and Assassinate DC +2. This is practically obligatory for slayers. Seriously, it's super cheap. Not that hot for anyone else though.

Censuring Placard - +1 club - CL10 - 1/week break enchantment on hit as swift. Avoid.

ten-ring sword - +2 nine-ring broadsword - CL7 - Extra ring slot, or bypass special material DR. There are enough nice rings around that this is fairly worthwhile.

Death Bill - +1 Scythe - CL10 - 3/day standard in 30ft. cone 2d4+cha slashing and stagger 1 round (r13), 1/day death knell on kill as swift (w13). Saves are again too bad to bother with.

Black eagle's blade - +1 greatsword - CL8 - 1/day on kill becomes +2 bane the creature you just killed for 8 rounds or until another kill. This time, the duration's not really usable. If it was activateable on hit it'd be worth considering. Maybe.

Lashing Shadowcraft weapon - Special - CL10 - 2H only. Swift increase reach 5 ft. 1 round. Otherwise as shadowcraft above. It's not stunning perhaps, but when you consider it's kind of a swift action transformative weapon for reach only, it starts being okay.

Dagger of repossession - +1 dagger - CL9 - Store blood in it; cut the creature whose blood is in the dagger to automatically end possessions or give new save vs charm/compulsion. 1 use/blood dose. Given the option between this and, say, that +3 or +4 cloak that's pretty similar over the dagger, I'd go for the cloak and just try to negate the effects beforehand. Also the possession effect is hardly common enough to be worthwhile protection from it.

Triton's Trident - +1 monstrous humanoid bane trident - CL6 - 3/day hydraulic push OR 1/day hydraulic torrent (CMB +6). Bleh.

Spear of the honoured ancestors - +1 ghost touch spear - CL9 - When rage starts, swift one of: guidance/ghost touch on shield/returning on spear. Better off with a blinkback belt for throwing; you can't have a decent shield and a spear, and guidance is single use anyway.

Closing offer - +2 shortsword - CL10 - Bane against certain family line; costs 200gp and 8 hours to change family. vs that family if hit, W14 or they have to answer a question truthfully. This is fairly good, with a flexible bane, in the right sort of game.

Riddling Khopesh - +1 khopesh - CL10 - DC15 intelligence check (can't take 10) to make it +2; make 20 and it's also keen or ghost touch or flaming. It's a hard check, especially since you can't take 10 to get it with any degree of reliability. If you're lucky, it's a budget +3 weapon. More likely, it's a more expensive +2 sword that doesn't work more than half the time.

Serpentseeker bow - +1 shortbow - CL7 - Bane vs aquatic creatures. Track aquatic creatures with locate creature, +10 CL checks to beat nondetection on those creatures, all 1d6 days. Would have thought an underwater crossbow would be more appropriate. Range isn't particularly good for locate creature.

Lizardmarked Blade - +1 shocking gladius - CL10 - Detects nearby electric discharge, move detect whether something resists/is immune to electricity, 1/day increase damage dice size 10 minutes. Interesting. Probably quite reasonable if you're a lightning specialist.

Mace of smiting - +1 adamantine heavy mace - +3 vs constructs, 4x crit vs constructs, c3 crit vs outsiders. There's a greater version which is +3, improving to +5 vs constructs, destroying constructs on crit and x4 crit vs outsiders. Has some limited value of being an okay simple weapon if you can't get martial weapons, against constructs and outsiders only. Greater version particularly is reasonable with the possibility of just destroying constructs.

Tsuruhashi, the silent crane - +2 adamantine sai - CL9 - +1 DCs for death attacks/assassinates. 1/day swift on death attack attempt silence victim only. Sais aren't great weapons, but the effect is good enough to consider, even with a low DC silence.

Rimeblade - +1 resizing frost scimitar - CL8 - 1/day turns into touch attack 1 minute that does 1d8+3 cold, 1/day swift before attack +4d6 cold and stagger 1 round (1 minute on crit). The stagger thing is pretty nice, and it's pretty likely to go off. The cold damage is even in sufficient quantity to not be potentially useless.

Grasp of Torment - +2 adamantine spiked chain - CL11 - +4 trip/disarm, damage as normal on success.  The problem with this really is that it's not a common weapon, although I suppose certain half orcs could use this. It's great if you're proficient, since it does like everything you picked a picked chain for.

Hero's Blade - Uses optional hero point system so who cares?

Disarming Blade - +1 duelling rapier - On disarm, move weapon 5 ft. any direction as swift. This is the initiative duelling. Don't think this is especially useful; greater disarm does the job just as well, which you're definitely picking up if you consider this.

+3 weapons go here for reference

Sacrificial Sword - +2 bastard sword - CL11 - 3 times ever reach breath of life on kill as swift (even if you kill yourself). The value of not being dead can of course not be overstated.

Hangman's Noose - +1 whip - CL9 - stop things moving beyond reach with CMB, efficient repositions once grabbed with noose or suffocate "very" quickly. Repairs itself if sundered. By very it means about 3 rounds if they resist on average. I think it's kind of cool, and mythic might even get use from it. Wouldn't otherwise bother though.

Arachnid's Fang - +1 dagger - CL9 - poison as free on hit, from up to 8 stored poisons. Deadly kiss does this much cheaper, but it's swift rather than free. Still, there are rogue talents &c to make poisons last more hits, so that's still the better option, mostly.

Lash of the Howler - +1 vicious scorpion whip - CL9 - on hit, r14 or shard breaks off and sickened until removed (heal DC15, full round). Try the Rusting Teeth as something easier to be proficient with for 10k cheaper (although this is still quite good).

Tigress' Strand - +1 dueling scorpion whip - CL5 - +4 saves vs webs. Huh. that's not what you'd expect. kind of rubbish though.

Doppelganger's Sword - +1 short sword - CL7 - 1/day Look like something humanoid you've stabbed in last 7 minutes for up to 7 minutes (standard activation). W14 disbelieve if familiar with subject. Seems fairly bad with the standard activation, really.

Shieldsplitter Lance - +1 keen lance - CL10 - Damage shield on hit or bypass hardness if attacking shield directly. Actually fairly funny against the war lance, but otherwise it's relatively circumstantial.

Brazen Claw - +2 Vicious Scimitar - CL9 - Gnoll wielders don't take damage from vicious. This particularly merits attention because it's a way of bypassing the fairly irritating damage to self on vicious, even if it's a not hugely easy UMD check (DC25). If you can manage it it's pretty great, since this is just a plain +3 weapon otherwise.

Mage's Crossbow - +2 light crossbow - CL8 - VS things with SR, +3 weapon, +1d6 damage. Enhancement attack/damage on ranged touch attack spells. Fairly reasonable since casters traditionally have awful hit bonuses.

Zul - +1 human bane trident - CL8 - 7/day immediate on hit 1d4 dex and f16 or slowed 1 round. Reduce to 0 dex to turn to coral permanently. Not only is it a reasonable bane type, but reliable dex damage is pretty good.

Fleshwarped Scorpion's Tail - +1 scorpion whip - CL9 - 3/day poison on hit (F15). Can surgically implant for sting attack and increase poison DC to scale. I don't know why you'd ever not get this and implant it, because this is incredible. A new, rare natural attack with scaling con poison? Sign me up!

Oathtaker - +1 tetsubo - CL9 - 1/day willing creature swears an oath to you, breaking the oath makes them take 12d6+9 damage. Interesting. Tetsubos have the unusual niche of being the only Bludgeoning weapon with a high crit. I'm not sure it's worth the effort for this though.

Guns of the twin drakes - +1 flaming pistol and +1 frost pistol - CL15 - Price is for a pair, one flaming and one frost. Swift action combine them into not quite a double barrelled pistol, except they're really bad for some reason. I really don't see why you'd bother combining them since they're so much worse combined.

Trident of Fish Command - +1 trident - CL7 - 3/day charm up to 14HD of aquatic animals (W16) within 30ft. of each other. Speak with aquatic animals, aquatic animals don't come near you. This has some niche use as a protective item since it means you're basically never going to be attacked by aquatic creatures.

Treekeeper's staff - +1/+1 quarterstaff - CL7 - 1/1d6 hours entangle on hit 1d4 rounds (r14), 1/week plant growth enrich version only, speak with plants enriched in this way. Not really a weapon, but fairly nifty given how long the enrich version of plant growth lasts.

Steadfast Urumi - +1 mighty cleaving urumi - CL8 - +5 acrobatics avoid AoOs from movement, deflection to AC equal to enemies in reach (max +4). Urumis are awesome, even if they're exotic, but you need specific building to get the most out of the potentially impressive deflection bonus. It's worth being okay for its potential with maybe lunge. and being big.

Quarterstaff of vaulting - +1/+1 darkwood quarterstaff - CL5 - +5 acrobatics, high jump is 1/3 acrobatics total, Can jump over enemy's head w. DC25 acrobatics in place of a 5 ft. step. It's the cool jump which makes this worthwhile, and a potentially interesting weapon for sneak attacks.

Husk dart - +2 wushu dart - CL6 - On crit, Feast of Ashes (F16). Fail gives 2d6 temp hp and 1 ki. Leaving aside why this weapon exists when there are many better things, feast of ashes is terrible, regardless of the DC, and when something's outclassed by a dagger, you know it's a bad weapon.

Dinosaur Killer - +1 animal bane boar spear - CL8 - shield bonus 2 on brace vs charge. Immediate action bull rush on brace hit. Well, guess it does its job. Not sure why you might want to bull rush dinosaurs, but okay.

Purging falcata - +2 falcata - CL9 - Bane against a religion. Challenge doesn't take -2 AC vs that religion, and deals 3d6 with bane vs challenge if target follows religion. Fairly circumstantial, but feasibly quite good depending on the campaign. Usually rubbish though.

Skirmishing Spear - +1 returning spear - CL7 - When thrown, 1H weapon and +2 untyped attack. Mythic stuff. It's okay for mythic but bland otherwise.

Talon Sword - +2 defending bastard sword - CL8 - Defending also applies to mount. Greater version exists with better phase locking as well. While I wouldn't pay extra for the core one, the greater one with 8 rounds of dimensional anchor on hit is actually fairly good.

Shadowbound chains - +1 vicious viridium spike chain - CL9 - Worship Zon-Kuthon for immunity to viridium. When reduce a creature to 0 but not kill it, Shadow helps you fight 10 rounds or until original creature dies. Not easy to get to trigger maybe, or use, but it's really nifty, since that's a lot of potential strength drain.

Shieldmarshal's pistol - +1 double barrelled pistol - CL9 - Gives a specific grit feat to any wielder who meets prereqs. Presumably this was an early training weapon, because now training exists and is just better.

Doubleshot Pepperbox - +1 thundering pepperbox - CL7 - Can fire two shots at once with -4 penalty. I suppose if for some reason you can't reload a regular double barrelled pistol quickly enough?

Firedrake pistol - +1 flaming pistol - CL5 - Can make all damage fire damage. standard use 1 ammo for burning hands. Interesting. ends up being actually okay for fire since now it's more likely to beat existing resistance and definitely bypasses DR.

Ricochet hammer - +1 returning light hammer - CL7 - allows full thrown attacks with the one weapon, so long as you don't miss. Interesting and cool.

Shield's bane - +1 battleaxe - CL5 - ignore shield to AC, +4 sunder/disarm shields. However you disarm shields. I think it might have some potential, but not a whole lot.

Valorous blade - +1 valiant scimitar - CL9 - 1/day on defeating a foe, mass heroism 10 minutes (standard activation).  Valiant's not amazing and if you can, you should be having heroism cast on you anyway.

Crystalline starknife - +2 starknife - CL13 - Worship desna for returning. +1d6 vs crystalline creatures. W14 on throw hit dazzle 1 round (daze 1 round on crit). There are so few crystalline creatures that this isn't particularly worthwhile.

Earthcracker - +1 Thundering Earth Breaker - CL12 - 3/day standard activation 30ft. line of difficult terrain and try to trip something in that line. Cool, but useless.

Dueling Bokken - +1 Merciful Katana - CL3 - Does bludgeoning damage instead of slashing. I honestly don't know why you'd pay 12k extra for this, other than perhaps as the only 18-20 bludgeoning weapon.

Hellcaller's Edge - +2 Greatsword - CL9 - 1/day flame strike where blade hits the ground. Shame you take damage as well. Still, it'd be super awesome to throw it.

Flametongue - +1 flaming burst longsword - CL12 - 1/day scorching ray. Woo. Well, at least you're not paying much more over the base weapon for it.

Scoundrel's Sword Cane - +2 sword cane - CL7 - +5 perception, 1/day concentration use it as a periscope. Cool, but overpriced. Still, saves you an eye slot item potentially.

Arrow Slicer - +1 limning short sword - CL6 - +2 perception in surprise round, allows immediate action r20 vs arrows to deflect, beat by 5 to also slice it in half and scare nearby creatures. This is pretty awesome, although limning is of debatable use. Makes a decent rogue weapon though.

Brutal Axe - +1 adamantine greataxe - CL11 - Free improved sunder (or upgrade existing sunders), +1d12 damage on sunder. Also mythic stuff. Surprisingly, it's decently priced, even before mythic.

Sparkwave Starknife - +1 shock starknife - CL8 - 1/day turns into lightning bolt on throw. Nice for a little extra range maybe?

Starknife of the void - +2 returning starknife - CL5 - Blindness/deafness on crit (F14). At least it's better than the weapon above.

Cornerstone Crossbow - +1 seeking light crossbow - CL12 - 80ft. long grappling hook that can stick to anything. Standard to shoot, move to warp to end of hook. Super Cool, and even decent as a weapon.

Bone Bearer's Cutter - +1 wounding dagger - CL10 - 1/day standard action attack at -5 to give -2 attack/damage/reflex 1 minute or standard remove (DC15 strength check). Leaving your weapon in something always kind of sucks, but it'd be okay for a quickdraw and initial move.

Rostland Edge - +2 countering impervious aldori duelling sword - CL10 - Blows up for lots of damage if destroyed. Just... why?

Luckblade - +2 shortsword - CL17 - +1 luck to all saves, 1/day reroll. Can also come with up to 3 wishes, but at that point you're paying for wishes and not the weapon. This is where it sits pricewise with no wishes.

Sadist's Lash - +1 wounding whip - CL11 - Deliver touch-range enchantment spells, W15 or -5 on enchantment effects from wielder for 1 minute. This is actually pretty interesting, although being on a whip is unfortunately challenging for most to use.

Rabbit's blade - +2 shortsword - CL7 - If no nearby allies, cleave/great cleave. It's a themed thing, but not exactly stunning.

Sword of Subtlety - +1 shortsword - CL7 - +4 untyped attack/damage on sneak attack. Yeesh, this is super good; basically a +5 weapon at half price.

Sword of the planes - +1 longsword - CL15 - +4 vs all outsiders, and other effects against natives of other planes or on other planes. Interesting, but of debatable use.

Hooked Massacre - +1 spiked chain - CL13 - free action reach 1 round, immediate action attack if you drag/resposition something to be close to you. Interesting, but expensive.

Fanged Falchion - +1 unholy falchion - CL11 - On crit, 2 con damage and stun 1 round (F15). Not clear if the save also negates the damage. It's great if the con damage stays regardless, otherwise merely okay. With a falchion, you'll be getting a lot of crits, so even a DC15 is relevant. It's only the unholy bit that lets this down.

Felhart - +2 Bane (special) Longbow - CL6 - 1/week mount. The bane is determined for each individual creature who picks it up, depending on what's useful for them at the time. This is an amazing example of how to give a bane weapon in loot, but not necessarily a weapon you actually want to buy.

Knight-Captain's Lance - +2 lance - CL6 - Counts as silver for DR. 3/day swift on hit all allies get +2 morale on next attack vs that creature 1 round. Very blah and overpriced.

Keyhole Stiletto - +1 ghost touch adamantine dagger - CL11 - +2 disable device to destroy locks, ignore force-based AC, 1/day slice through wall of force/resilient sphere. Not only is this cool, it's pretty good as a mage killer.

Nine Lives Stealer - +2 longsword - 9 times ever on crit, F20 or die (use isn't expended if they don't die). That's a nasty DC.

Bloodstone Impaler - +1 keen spear - 1/day on crit, F19 or turn to stone, embedding weapon in creature. Removing weapon (DC25 strength) removes petrification. At least it might work, although it's expensive.

Goreclaw of Thercerrod - +2 wounding spiked gauntlet - Applies to all claw attacks from druid wild shape. Pretty nifty.

Undercutting Axe - +1 giant-bane battleaxe - CL9 - 1/day swift on hit maximised ray of enfeeblement. Which is pretty nasty, actually. I like it. Shame about it being giant-bane.

Sword of tempests - +2 longsword - 3/day immediate summon medium air elemental. Pro: it's super quick to summon. Con: if you can afford this, the elemental's not that hot. Makes a cool boss weapon though.

Risen Blade - +2 flaming Khopesh - CL10 - Stores small quantities of channelled energy charges for 1 day, can release charges on crit. Blah.

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